Strategic Planning

Strategic Ministry Planning is a management tool used for one purpose only: to help a church do a more effective job in ministering to its people and its community. A Strategic Ministry Plan (SMP) will help focus energy and resources, and ensure that everyone in the church is working toward the same goals.

Successful Strategic Ministry Planning Will:
  • Lead to action
  • Build a value-based shared vision
  • Create an inclusive, participatory process in which church leadership takes on shared ownership
  • Foster accountability
  • Be based on precise data
  • Require an openness to question the status quo in order to grow
Benefits of A Strategic Ministry Plan Include:
  • Uniform vision and purpose, shared among all parties
  • Increased level of commitment to the ministry and its goals
  • Improved quality of service, and a means to measure that quality
  • A foundation for fund raising
  • Create accountability in ministry and board development
  • The ability to set priorities, and to match resources with opportunities
  • The ability to deal with risk from external environments
  • A process to help with crisis management

Components of A Strategic Ministry Plan Are:

  • Purpose—The reason a church exists
  • Vision—A picture of the preferred future
  • Mission—An action, in response to purpose in pursuit of vision
  • Core Values—Principles that govern the operation of the church
  • Objectives—The general areas in which efforts are directed
  • Strategies—Guidelines by which objectives are achieved
  • Goals—Specific and time-based accomplishments, achieved by implementing strategies in pursuit of ministry objectives
  • Programs—Activities that describe implementation plans for key strategies
  • Ministry Action Plans—Specific guidelines for each ministry department

Oaster Strategic Ministry Planning Services Also Include:

  • 5-Year Ministry Plans
  • Ministry Branding and Imaging
  • Identification of Long Range Goals and Objectives
  • Staffing and Budgeting Plans