Architectural Services

At OASTER, we spend time every week working with our own church to reach the lost and develop reproducing disciples.

Because of our practical and effective experience in helping to grow our own church, (14,000 members and multiple campuses) we are uniquely qualified to help you design and grow yours.

EXPERIENCE – Our church designs are based on 35 years of practical experience working with many of the fastest growing churches in America. Our facilities are functional and affordable and custom designed to help you have a major impact on your community.

The Initial Design Package –

Today, architectural contracts for church design can cost well into the six figures. That is a lot of money and commitment for something you haven’t seen yet! We believe that before you commit hundreds of thousands of dollars to an architectural firm, you should know what you are getting!

For that reason, at Oaster, we begin the design process for your new facilities with a simple and low cost entry point, our Initial Design Package.

Our Initial Design Package Includes:
  • The development of a Strategic Ministry Plan to help formalize your needs.
  • A Master Site Plan based on your short term, mid-term and long-range goals.
  • Floorplans to define spatial relationships and circulation patterns.
  • Exterior elevations for each side of the building.
  • An initial cost breakdown for budget control.
  • A fund raising dinner to pay for the cost of the Initial Design Package.

With the completion of the Initial Design Package, you now know what you need, what it will look like, and what your new church facility will cost. Only then do we proceed to a full architectural design contract.

The cost for our Initial Design Package ranges from $25,000 to $45,000 depending on the size and specific needs of your church. This process takes approximately two months to develop. And don’t forget, we can raise the money for you.

Once the initial design work is approved, we can assemble the entire design team, complete both the construction drawings and permitting process, and then schedule the groundbreaking ceremony.

All architectural services are provided by Oaster’s network of independent, licensed and highly qualified, contemporary church architects.