Making Room For Making Disciples

A Pastor's Guide to Land Acquisition and Facility Development

Let’s face it, seminary failed to prepare you for church growth, strategic planning, land acquisition, facility development and high growth staffing. Yet, at some point, every church faces these challenges. What if there was a way that you could learn from someone else’s experience? And what if that person, rather than simply pointing you in the right direction, was willing to journey along with you, as a coach, a friend and an advisor? And what if that person had a proven track record and has worked with many of the fastest growing churches in America?

In Making Room for Making Disciples: A Pastor’s Guide to Land Acquisition and Facility Development, Oaster gives church leaders a step-by-step guide to navigate the world of strategic planning, land acquisition and facility development. Oaster will equip you with the knowledge and direction needed to plan out your ministry objectives, avoid being taken to the cleaners by staff, realtors, architects and builders, and rapidly move your ministry towards the complete realization of it’s potential.

For over 35 years, Brad Oaster has worked with Christian churches throughout the country to guide and direct church leaders toward the fulfillment of their ministry’s potential. Brad’s depth of experience and success is unmatched. Among the 100 fastest growing churches in America today, four of the top ten churches have partnered with Brad Oaster.

In 2000, Scott Wilson and his dad, Tom Wilson engaged Brad Oaster to develop a long-range plan for what would later become, The Oaks Fellowship.

“I remember sitting in my office in 2000 wishing there was someone I could call that could help me know what I should do. I would have done anything to find someone who had walked this path before – a person who could act as a coach, a friend, and an advisor. Our church has seen incredible growth and breakthrough since we met Brad – from one location to two locations, six major building programs, from two to eight services each Sunday, from 0 small groups to over 100 small groups, from 650 people to 2,400 people in weekly attendance.”