“Why is OASTER Different? At OASTER, we are passionate about the success of your ministry. While other firms are only concerned with architectural design or construction, we want to see your ministry THRIVE. That is why at OASTER, we help our ministry partners pay for their new facilities!”

-Brad Oaster

The Oaster Difference

What makes us unique from other design and architectural firms is that we have actually built ministries ourselves. In doing so, we have first hand knowledge of what keeps you up at night, what bugs you, what delights you and what moves you to action. We know what it takes to start, nurture and grow a church. We understand costs and the need for action - not just a lot of talk or clever ideas. The strategies, designs and tactics we recommend are based on first hand ministry knowledge.

About Oaster

Oaster Development, LLC

A church development firm located in Colorado that is devoted to the success of bible based, Christian ministries throughout the world. OASTER is the church designer and developer of choice for visionary church leaders. After 35 years working with visionary church leaders, you can’t help but learn a thing or two. With the development of a detailed Master Plan, your church can blow through the growth barriers that often stifle other churches and become the creative and innovative ministry that all others look to and copy. We’ve developed state-of-the-art facilities for hundreds of visionary churches over the years. We can develop one for you too.

Brad Oaster


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History of Results

After designing and building churches for more than a decade, Brad Oaster began studying secular business plans in 1990 when his friend and mentor, Steve Wozniak (co founder of Apple Computer) taught Brad the philosophy and principles behind the development of Apple and its insanely great products. Brad used that information to build his own “insanely great” company into the largest church design and development firm on the west coast. And he did that in just four years! Brad then shared Apple’s strategies with Christian ministries, first in California and later throughout the nation, and helped those ministries go on to become some of the fastest growing churches in America. Today, OASTER works with bible based, Christian ministries in the development of five-year ministry plans and facility designs that create a road map designed to connect todays reality with tomorrows potential. Every church that works with OASTER in the development of a ministry plan and new facilities, and implements the plan, can expect to triple in size within the five-year period.


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